Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival-⧥3

Entry number 3 for the Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival exhibition.
Flying things and things that fly.


Anonymous said...

Please direct me to more gems by this cartoonist, including published collections. From the wry spirit I expect he's the one I've been trying to track for a decade without success. Did one of his earlier collections include the caption, "By night, we marvelled at his dexterity with the sponge." ???
Please enter cartoonist's name & published titles on this page. Thank ye.

Anonymous said...

Hello: I'm "anonymous" in comment 1, renewing my hope and now providing my e-mail address to facilitate receipt of news:

ANYBODY WHO CAN PROVIDE THE CARTOONIST'S NAME please do so. The sooner, the better.

Many thanks.

The Surreal McCoy said...

All cartoons published on this blog are by The Surreal McCoy. Hope that helps Mr Anonymous.